Yaber, founded in 2016, is a famous brand of the home projector which dedicates to offering an immersive cinema experience to every family globally.

The idea of Yaber, it is a kid’s dream. When founder Vicent was a child in the 90s, every month's family activity that he looked forward the most was watching movies in the cinema with his parents. He loved the immersive feeling that the world on the screen was right in front of him and dreamed to bring the cinema visual experience to the home. After grew up, Vicent built a professional team and created the brand Yaber. Yaber focuses on R&D, high-quality, and cost-effective home projectors. It is not only for realizing the childhood dream but also for every kid and family who has the same dream.

Nowadays, Yaber has a good market in 46 countries and regions with total sales of over 50 million projectors.

Yaber dedicates to be an innovator in home audio-visual entertainment, creating the most popular and the happiest family lifestyle with the immersive cinema experience for every family all over the world, and letting every family and every moment full of laughte